Ms Baltimore Eagle: 25 Years of Tradition, Service & Mischief

Did you know that the Baltimore Eagle was the first Eagle in the WORLD to hold a Ms. Eagle contest? It's been 25 years, and we are holding a reunion and anniversary celebration at the Baltimore Eagle on Sunday, December 10th from 12:00-ish to 4:00-ish Gay Standard Time. There will be a short program at around 1:30pm. Everyone is invited!

Bring your toy bags for play and your leathers/boots/gear to be loved on by Bumper Bootblack - Midatlantic Leatherwoman Bootblack 2018. Everyone is invited to come and be a part of this slice of Herstory!
  • Baltimore Eagle Night Club and Bar
    2022 N Charles St, Baltimore
  • Sunday Dec 10, 2017
  • Event on Facebook