WomanHouse- Girls Aren't Funny



WomanHouse, a feminist burlesque review, is BACK and we're ready to make you laugh! Who says women can't be funny and sexy? Now in its third installment, WomanHouse is here, with special guest superstar MC Foxy Tann, to bring you “Girls Aren’t Funny”- a celebration of f*ckery, social justice, joy and sorrow through the lens of comedy. Celebrate the power of funny women! In homage to the original founders of Woman House, Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro, we strive to create a space for vision and place for invention, brought to you by burlesque performer and producer Cherie Nuit.

MC Foxy Tann
Bunnie Buxomm
Queen Nefertittie
Nona Narcisse
GiGi Holliday
Cherie Sweetbottom
Ruby Rockafella
Ruby Spruce
Tempete La Coeur
Cherie Nuit
Delilah Dentata

Doors 8 pm, Show 9 pm
Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at the door

-By standing in the first 3 rows nearest to the stage you acknowledge that performers may interact with you for the duration of the show. If you are not comfortable interacting with performers we kindly ask that you stand a few rows back. The show will still be great from there, we promise!
-This venue does not guarantee seating for any audience members unless requests are made ahead of time. To speak with Cherie about arranging a seat please email her at cherie (dot) nuit (at) gmail (dot) com
-The show will take place on the first floor of The Crown and is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are also available for all customers.
-This show is 18+, 21+ to drink


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