Sam's Bagels

100% love it
Cure the morning blues
Sam's offers some killer bagels, it's as simple as that. Great spot for a quick breakfast on the go.


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      Bmore21230 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay Friendly establishment
      First and foremost, Sam's has the best bagels in Baltimore. They are consistently voted in local publications such as 'City Paper' as the best. There are tons of bagel and cream cheese varieties and flavors. Where else besides Baltimore can you get an Old Bay crusted bagel? The food is consistently hot, fresh, and delicious while the coffee never disappoints. Secondly, this establishment is a friend to the gay community. There's a definite Fed Hill preppy frat vibe in the place, but there are always stacks of gay publications (Baltimore Gay Life and/or Baltomre OUTloud) stacked on the window sill alongside the mainstream mags. Nice way to represent and support our community!