Red Emma's Bookstore & Coffee

94% love it
Worker owned, collectively managed coffeehouse and bookstore
Fair trade, organic, vegan, vegetarian -- you'll find something for every movement here.


    • SugaryLimes
      SugaryLimes Over a year ago
      Hates it

      At least they had a great concept...
      The atmosphere is very dust and dark. the style is very eclectic with lots of fair trade coffees and vegan friendly options. The staff always seems irritated when you order, as if your interupting them. It always seems very dusty and unclean with very little seating options.

    • JoseVillarubia
      JoseVillarubia Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A very interesting and very baltimore cafe
      It's an anarchist cafe and they probably have the best bagels in baltimore and a fantastic bookstore with a queer section. Books on all kinds of topics everything having to do with alternative culture, politics, radical theory, art, pop culture, etc It's a very cool place, very friendly, great place to go for breakfast. They have big tables so it's great to meet people and it is completely an open minded sort of place.